"Season 3, Episode 3"
Ep 3 treemail clue
Season Australian Survivor (2016)
Episode Number 3
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Season 3, Episode 3 is the third episode of Australian Survivor (2016) which aired August 28, 2016.

This episode introduces the Hidden Immunity Idol, a game-changing item that negates all votes cast against the holder when played at Tribal Council[1]


Night 5

Following from Tribal Council where Saanapu voted out Bianca Anderson, Peter Fiegehen and Kylie Evans were confused at the vote as Peter was the target. Kylie assumed her connection with Bianca was the reason as to why she wasn't involved in the decision to switch the vote whilst Peter remained angry and upset that the tribe didn't honour his request.

Days 6 - 8

On Saanapu, Sam Webb tried to comfort Peter saying he is well loved and the tribe couldn't bear to write his name down though Brooke Jowett felt guilty about not honouring Peters request and voting with the alliance. A visibly upset Peter continues to keep himself in the game by digging deep for as long as he can
Ep 3 evan el
Ep 3 treemail clue
whilst Kylie was still confused as to why she was kept out of the plan to vote out Bianca. Some time later, the tribe per instructions in treemail must choose their wisest player to undertake a quest and that person would choose another to join them, the tribe unanimously selected Peter who chose Kylie to accompany him. Upon leaving camp, the majority alliance of Sam, Matt Tarrant, Felicity "Flick" Egginton, Brooke and Conner Bethune assumed it would be a clue to the location of a Hidden Immunity Idol much to their frustration, calling it a rookie mistake. Upon reaching the location of the quest, Peter and Kylie were presented with two options; choose a large bag of beans to share with the tribe (Honesty) or receive a smaller bag of beans in favour of a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol (Deceit) Peter opts to help Kylie in the game by choosing deceit and giving her the clue.
Ep 3 saanapu wins ic
Ep 3 aganoa lose
At Aganoa Rohan MacLaren and Phoebe Timmins head out to the same quest and choose to take the clue, cementing their loyalty to one another. After reading hte clue, Rohan believes he knows where the idol is hidden and after a game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who holds onto the clue, Rohan keeps hold of it though Phoebe has slight reservations about Rohan using the idol on her if the time came or if he finds the idol and re-hides it. They return to camp and explain that the quest involved two bags of varying size but weren't clear on the contents of each. Lee Carseldine hoped the bag contained flint whilst Evan Jones did not believe their story and started to question them on it, despite knowing the pair lied, Evan needed proof of their deceit and began to distrust his assumed alliance. Retracing their steps, Evan found the clue that fell out of Rohan's shorts. Enjoying their assumed success over lying about the clue, Rohan realises he has lost the clue whilst Evan approaches Elena "El" Rowland to fracture her friendship with Phoebe by showing her the clue. Rohan, Phoebe and El later go on a walk and when questioned, Rohan admits to El the story was fake and had every intention to let her know of the plan but are shocked to discover that Evan found it. As Evan is about to tell Lee Carseldine about the lie, Rohan says he found a clue at a reward challenge and that his intention was to secure it and then let the alliance know.

The Vavau tribe sent their leader Nick Iadanza and Tegan Haining to complete their quest and whilst weighing up their options Nick offers to take the smaller bag and clue but instead tell the tribe a fake clue, though Tegan was reluctant to go along with the idea. Andrew Torrens was immediately distrusting of the clue as Nick began looking around the area for a "throne fit for a king" but soon started to redact his claim by telling Craig I'Anson and Sue Clarke that it was fake and after a conversation between Andrew, Craig and Jennah-Louise Salkeld they began to worry about Nick as Nick grew concerned that he has annoyed Craig and the vibe of the group has been damaged because of it.

At the reward challenge, Vavau and Saanapu win and enjoy the spoils.

On Aganoa Lee and El reflect on the bad performances of the tribe and after a group discussion choose to nominate a leader for challenges. Rohan believes Katherine "Kat" Dumont is the weakest member in terms of challenge performance and worries for the next Immunity Challenge. Using the clue and under the assumption the tribe will lose again, Evan tries searching for the hidden immunity idol.

At the immunity challenge, Vavau and Saanapu enjoy back-to-back victory after Evan and Kat falter at the final puzzle. Lee believes the vote should fall between Evan and Kat for their efforts with Lee pushing Kat to Rohan due to the stress of the challenges and the tribe can't make anymore mistakes moving forward. Evan rallies his alliance who reassure him that Kat is the vote and talks to each of them individually to ensure the plan happens. Phoebe believes that Evan has the least amount of value to her own game and is caught up between voting with the rest of the girls or sticking with the assumed alliance of five and attempts to sway Lee into flipping but he is adamant about keeping strength in challenges and locks his vote for Kat. In a final push to sway Rohan, Phoebe convinces him that Evan is the bigger liability from a strategic standpoint after he exposed their lie regarding the idol whilst Evan believes that with Lee as the tribe leader his decision will determine the person leaving, which he knows to be Kat.
Ep 3 aganoa tc
As Tribal Council begins, Jonathan LaPaglia queries the efforts of the tribe. Lee believes there to be a disconnect between life at camp and performance at challenges,
Ep 3 evan voted out
as Kat has lost twice on the puzzle segment and as such lost immunity, she reaffirms that the tribe wanted her in that position and she wasn't going to change what Lee wanted her and Evan to do as Lee is regarded as the tribe leader. Lee takes part responsibility for the loss but that everyone had a role to play, Rohan thinks that the puzzle solvers weren't the best match-up and that the vote will be based on strength in challenges. Evan talked about there being a lack of scrambling around camp and more being apologetic and campaigning about his position in the tribe. Kat is called up on the "strong seven" mentioned at their last Tribal Council but then when pushed by Jonathan states there's four power players of Lee, Phoebe, Rowan and El and then Kat, Evan and Kristie are on the outs. Evan pays no attention to Kat's claim and says that he's good with Lee as they do a lot of things together and get on fine so the lines would be somewhat blurred. Phoebe closes the questions by saying everything should go to plan as long as everybody does what was asked of them at camp. Once the votes were read, Evan became the third player voted out of the game in a 5-2 decision with Kat once again picking up the spare votes from Evan and "tribe leader" Lee. Jonathan closes Tribal Council reminding them that a strong seven has turned into a strong group of four and that losing challenges will test just strong those four truly are.



Challenge: Supply Ships
Each tribe will race a canoe out and around a crate, collecting four buoys by hooking them and dragging the buoys back to beach. Once all the buoys have reached the beach the contents will be used to build a tower that must stand for five seconds.
Winners: Vavau (Chairs, Hammock, Pillows, Blanket and Tarp) and Saanapu (Tarp)

Reward Challenge
Finish Tribe Competitors Sit Outs
Rowers/Tower Builders
1st Vavau S3 andrew S3 barry S3 craig S3 jennah-louise S3 kate S3 nick S3 sue
Andrew, Barry, Craig, Jennah, Kate, Nick & Sue
S3 tegan
2nd Saanapu S3 brooke S3 conner S3 flick S3 kylie S3 matt S3 sam S3 peter
Brooke, Conner, Flick, Kylie, Matt, Sam & Peter
3rd Aganoa S3 el S3 evan S3 kat S3 kristie S3 lee S3 phoebe S3 rohan
El, Evan, Kat, Kristie, Lee, Phoebe & Rohan


Challenge: Caught In The Web
Five runners will take turns running across a cargo net to climb for various bags of puzzle pieces. Once all the bags have been collected the remaining players must untie the bags and solve a puzzle.
Winners: Vavau and Saanapu

Immunity Challenge
Finish Tribe Competitors Sit Outs
Cargo Net Puzzle
1st Vavau S3 barry S3 craig S3 jennah-louise S3 kate S3 tegan
Barry, Craig, Jennah, Kate & Tegan
S3 nick S3 sue
Nick & Sue
S3 andrew
2nd Saanapu S3 brooke S3 conner S3 flick S3 kylie S3 sam
Brooke, Conner, Flick, Kylie & Sam
S3 matt S3 peter
Matt & Peter
3rd Aganoa S3 el S3 kristie S3 lee S3 phoebe S3 rohan
El, Kristie, Lee, Phoebe & Rohan
S3 evan S3 kat
Evan & Kat

Tribal Council

Day 8

Tribal Council 3:
S3 evan
Evan (5 votes)
S3 el S3 kat
S3 kristie S3 phoebe S3 rohan
El, Kat, Kristie, Phoebe & Rohan
S3 kat
Kat (2 votes)
S3 evan S3 lee
Evan & Lee
S3 evan
Evan Jones

Voting Confessionals

You're a bit of a slippery snake and the girls can't have that at camp.


I'm voting you because you have no strategic value for me. Sorry.


I'd rather it be you than me.


It was pretty dangerous to cut me out my own alliance, I was the reason why we were working with you.


The few times you've been involved in the challenges you haven't performed the way the team has needed you.


I just feel like you're hiding something, that's all.


Too much indecision at challenges and not enough hard work.


Final Words

My tribemates who originally an alliance with got incredibly scared because I called one of them out, Rohan, on a lie, so when I left I said "good luck with playing the idol" because I honestly believe he has it and I can still impact this game whilst I'm walking out the door 'cos I really look forward to when it crumbles for him and Lee and El get that moment in their minds and go "we made a mistake, we made a BIG mistake"


Still in the Running

Aganoafont Saanapufont Vavaufont
S3 des
S3 el
S3 evan
S3 kat
S3 bianca
S3 brooke
S3 conner
S3 flick
S3 andrew
S3 barry
S3 craig
S3 jennah-louise
S3 kristie
S3 lee
S3 phoebe
S3 rohan
S3 kylie
S3 matt
S3 peter
S3 sam
S3 kate
S3 nick
S3 sue
S3 tegan


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  • This episode premieres the Hidden Immunity Idol in the Australian franchise.
  • Each pair of nominated castaways to face the tribe dilemma is identical to the season premiere of Survivor: Worlds Apart ("It's Survivor Warfare") though that was introduced on day one where this happened after the second Tribal Council.
  • The Reward Challenge is a variation of two challenges used from the US franchise; the rowing part was adapted from Lock, Load and Light Lock and the building part was adapted from Well Stacked.
  • The Immunity Challenge Caught in the Web is directly used from the US franchise.
  • Chester the Chicken, regarded as Saanapu's tribe pet which is tended by Matt is similar to Tai Trang's relationship with Mark the Chicken in Survivor: Kaoh Rong.